Since today marks the release of OCR’s Sonic CD: Temporal Duality album, I decided to post some (kinda unseen) tray and disc art that I was asked to create. Hope you guys like it!
(Also, if you’d like to see the original album art, click here!)

Please show your support by visiting the website and downloading the album for FREE! :)


So hey that new Sonic cartoon, “Sonic Boom”, was officially announced with new character designs today, along with trailers for both the cartoon and game! 
I really love these designs! (apart from all the bandages) but they’re a breath of fresh air for the characters/series :)


Jumped on a late bandwagon and re-doodled a screencap of Touko/Genocide Jill from the Dangan Ronpa anime!

I was originally going to screencap Ranma 1/2 but couldn’t find any decent images :/ maybe next time!

I also can’t draw braids

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Evangelion Angels presented via Digital Collage

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similar shots in evangelion ♔ part 2/?

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